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Hydration Packs
What do you really need?

Running on the trail or the road, hydration packs make taking a sip of water simple and easy. A benefit of some hydration packs, you don’t have to stop for a drink; most have a tube connected to the water source for convenience.

Trail racing, running a marathon, casual runner or training for your next event, besides your shoes a hydration pack for running should be near the top of equipment on your list.

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Do you see yourself carrying this Hydration pack?

I don't mean the brand I mean the size!

All that water as extra weight. You need to consider if you are out for a long trail run or race, if it is worth the convenience of a full 3 litres of water? Maybe if there were no stops available to fill up your Hydration Pack.

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Do you see yourself carrying this Hydration pack?

Besides the weight, everything that bounces around,

the straw, the water in the bladder, and if you're out for a long race, anything else you decide to bring for comfort!

Can Zippy Pure Hydration Pack solve this?


Hydration Pack vests fit snug to the body. The fit around your body like a suit vest. They also usually have more pockets on the front of the shoulder straps and a secure hip belt. There is often storage for water bottles on the front pockets. 

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Hydration pack belts encircle the hips, as a belt would. The carrying space is often smaller than you’d have in a Hydration pack backpack or vest. They’re a fantastic option for light and fast adventures like a trail run or hike. Quick and convenient if you don’t want the hindrance of a backpack hydration pack, or vest, a belt is a perfect substitute for staying hydrated. The added weight and maybe some chaffing, not to mention sizing can be uncomfortable with this option.

The volume of water the hydration pack holds is arguably the most crucial factor when deciding on a product for the type of run you are considering. Most packs accommodate both types of hydration flasks (bottle or bladder), but they will only come with one of the two.

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It’s essential to think about the types of runs you’ll be doing. Are you going to go on all-day trail runs with few refilling stations? Are you going to be on the road where water is widely available? Water is heavy (1 litre weighs 32 ounces), so think carefully about how much you need so your hydration pack can accomodate. 

Are hydration packs really worth it?


A Zippy Pure Hydration Pack eliminates the need for bulky water bottles and costly (financially and environmentally) plastic ones every time you run. Though other hydration packs are more expensive and are definitely convenient for trail racing and such, do you need it for a daily run in the park or in town or a walk around the neighborhood.

After experiencing the incredible convenience of a Zippy Pure Hydration Pack, you may feel that you’ve needed one for a long time. For more information click the button below...



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