Let me Introduce you to...

Zippy Cozy

Four color cozy.jpg

Neoprene Beverage holder 

Easy to use, 
Fits any hand, left or right
Nearly indestructible
Holds up to 16 oz. bottles! (500ml)
Front Zipped compartment for keys, cards, id's!
Won't freeze your beverage in the winter,
keeps beverage cool in the summer!
Very difficult to drop out of your hand
once you tighten the strap! 

Never hold
a sweaty
bottle again!!!

red cozy handheld.png

Wait there is one more thing
about this cozy!

Yes you can put it on backwards!!!


Designed so that you can slip it on backwards and still get all the benefits, plus free's your hand to pick up sticks branches, balls, etc. Easily works with walking sticks or even if you are carrying your backpack, bedroll, or anything else.


Keeps you insulated from the bottle and protects the bottle from scratches. Keeps scratches off your personal water bottle (some are costly and fancy too!).

If you take them off your hand and set them down, the high notice me colors stand out and are hard to miss. They don't get lost easily.  The cozy has a very small footprint and is flexible for squeezable bottles. 


Check out this new way to carry a water bottle that is insulated, almost drop proof, and convenient to just grab and go!